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While we categorize SMO and SEO as separate strategies, the border between the two is fuzzier than ever. Although Google hasn't explicitly said that social media affects search engine rankings, a survey indicated that50% of businesses that are struggling with SEO aren't using social media. Together, SEO and SMO create the ideal balance and method for internet marketing.

Prominent social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter frequently appear at the top of search results due to their high authority. In light of this, it stands to reason that the more content that is posted to a company's profile on various social media platforms, the more probable it is that it will be discovered and listed first in search results.

Following are the winning practices:

1.Formulate a Plan

The first step is to develop a social media plan that lays the groundwork for the goals and target audience.

Set up social media accounts on sites that are important.

Choose the kind of information want to be published and the prospects for the business having on social.

2.Improve the site and profiles

Have a consistent brand presence throughout all of the social media sites and website to make it easier for clients and potential customers to locate you.

Ensure that the website's username, profile photos, and bio are consistent.

Complete social media profiles. The more complete it is, the more distinctive it will be.

Include share buttons in the content to encourage readers tore share it, and prominently feature social media account connections on the website.


3.Create shareable content

Social media is at its core, content marketing. Sharinghigh-quality material is essential for social media success, and there are twoways to do this: 

·        Content that has been specially selected and sharedfrom other sources 

·        Original content, which you have created just forsocial media sharing. 

Both should be mixed into social media content. Moreover, bearin mind: 

Quality is preferred over quantity because people read and share helpful, pertinent content.

Use the proper hashtags and keywords in the social media posts, headlines, and body material to help the content get found by the right audience.


4.Utilize photos and videos. 

The best approach to guarantee that the material is viewed on social media is to include images in it. Wherever possible, use high-quality photos in the posts.

No matter where the blog article is posted, an image will always be linked to it if you add a featured image to it.

5.Follow a schedule

Every social media platform has the best time for posting. Choosing the best one relies on the target market and the social media platform you're using.


6.Monitor & Improve

Person be able to observe which of the social media postings has the highest audience engagement. From there, it is possible to modify the social media strategy and significantly enhance the SMO.



Looking backward is the only method to better the efforts and determine the future course. Also should use social media analytics to monitor the SMO, just like it would with SEO. One can attribute website traffic to a certain social media campaign or article using shortened URLs ( and UTM codes.

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