Beware the Social Media Optimization (SMO) Scam

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Following are the steps to be aware of SMO scams:

Step 1: Inform the Concerned Businesses


Contact the businesses where being aware of fraud. Calling the fraud department and outlining the situation is required.

Request that the accounts be frozen or closed. Inform them of any fraudulent charges and request that they be eliminated or refunded.


2. Modify the passwords 

For all of the impacted accounts as well as any other accounts that utilize the same username and/or password, change them all. Avoid using the same (or a password that is close to it) for several accounts. Using the same password across many logins may make it simpler to remember the logins, but it also makes it simpler for scammers to steal the identity and money.

If you have trouble remembering so many passwords or even coming up with strong passwords, use a password manager.


3. Speak with the bank

Contact the bank to have the credit or debit cards canceled and replaced if believe they have been compromised. Dispute any erroneous charges or withdrawals and request a refund if finding any.  

The majority of banks will have no trouble returning charges that weren't the fault.


4. Set a fraud alert 

Place a free fraud alert by getting in touch with one of the three credit bureaus. Any company that receives a fraud notice is required to confirm the identity before extending new credit.

This is crucial if worried that the identity might have been stolen. To prevent fraudsters from obtaining credit in the name, you can also totally freeze the credit.


Step 5: Inform the authorities about the scam

Inform the authorities about the scam so that they can look into it and possibly catch the scammers red-handed. Although it is unlikely that this action would help you recover any of the losses, it does contribute to the larger goal of assisting law enforcement to identify scammers and spread awareness so there are fewer victims in the future.


6. Repair the credit report 

Write to each of the three credit agencies to get the credit report repaired if you realize someone has applied for credit in the name (such as a credit card). Include a theft report and identification documentation.



Create secure passwords of a minimum of 12 characters. To make the password more memorable, think about using a passphrase made up of random words, but stay away from using familiar terms or expressions.

When someone requests the username and password, pause before providing them. Never divulge them in an email reply. Visit the bank's website directly if, for instance, the email or SMS appears to be from the bank. Don't call any numbers or click any links in the message. Fraudsters pose as well-known companies to dupe victims into disclosing personal information. Leading Chicago audio editing company DBC Brand is capable of producing expert audio to market your company to your target market.

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