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What we do.

We are about building trustworthy and transparent relationships with our clients. We work with you every step of the way to create compelling digital content. As artists, we aren't afraid to test the norms and we rarely follow the road most traveled by.

We believe that storytelling is visual and visceral and should always be authentic. We aren't like most digital agencies out there. We are a tribe of artists; poets, designers, video buffs and tech enthusiasts. We stand out, so that you may stand out.


Workshops + Consultations

We are a very social agency and we also {love} coffee. Digital By Creatives will hold weekly one-on-one consultations + Meetups: online, and in-person. Along with our DIY Digital Kit,we offer weekly brainstorming sessions to help you reach your business goals. Let's grab a coffee + chat.

Filmmaking + Photography

We use our passion for storytelling to create narratives that bring brands to life through rich video, illustration, animation, photography, or sometimes all of the above. The work is consistently measured against its ability to illuminate the pathways of engagement and connection.

Design + User Experience

Our creative mission is to connect users to authentic brand stories. Each design is carefully crafted to reflect {You}. We know you want the aesthetic to fit the experience and vice versa.

Social Media Marketing

We'll bring your brand's voice to life, develop content that expresses its aesthetic, and identify the precise place and time to put it in front of your users

Event Planning

Planning a launch party, networking event or showcase? We provide vision, execution + a little bit of fairy dust at your event. From pre-planning to post-planning our team of creative hosts will be with you every step of the way. So, let’s party.

Holistic Digital Strategy

We will provide an individualized packet of resources from monthly content calendars, social media branded mock-ups to an extensive competitor analysis report to help you reach your yearly goals. Let’s get started.

The Creative Agency

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“We are constantly invited to be who we are .”

— Henry David Thoreau


Helping artists build a business.

Helping businesses share their story.