Tips For Creating Content Your Audience Will Want To Share

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Stop me if you have heard this one before. 

You spend weeks sketching out and planning the perfect content that is both exemplary of your brand and perfectly encapsulates the demographic you impact the most. You’ve checked off all the basics, and done as much research as you possibly can to make this the best post imaginable. 

Then, when it comes time to actually hitting “post”, you sit back and watch as your hard work does marginally well, but in your mind, falls flat across the board. What gives? How come your reach seems to stagnate even when you try your very hardest to produce finely tuned content? The answer usually lies not in the content, but in the context. If you want to make posts that your audience will actively want to share, here are some tips for making your content reach more eyes in less time.  

1. Structure your copy in a way that calls for personal engagement

On platforms such as Facebook, nine times out of ten your timeline will be filled with articles and blogs that ask for user’s personal input. For example, your Aunt shares a post from her favorite restaurant, asking people what their favorite new menu item is. Mind you, these brands are not doing this for the sake of a survey of some sort. This is a tactic meant solely to drive personal engagement and make the audience want to input their own feedback. Even though the post in question is an advertisement for new products, the call to action is a strong and dominant feature of the initial copy. If one person uses your post as a means to input their personal tastes, it can also lead to their friends engaging the same way. 

2. Be relevant

When we say “relevant” we don’t mean pandering to the latest trends of the day. Being relevant to your core audience is an important and involved process that requires you to be in touch with the individual that subscribes to your content. Tackling a variety of different subjects is not an inherently bad idea, but reigning in your brand’s identity is a must when connecting to your audience on a consistent basis. If you have a connection to your audience, you can find ways to make your posts inspiring, helpful, and generally valuable to the lives of your followers, and by extension their friends and family if they decide to share your post. 

3. Make your thumbnail as pleasing as possible

It may seem superfluous, but the content with the most eye-catching picture is likely the most seen. Not only does the relatability of your post drive shares, but being aesthetically pleasing is a major factor in the grand scheme of having your post be shared, reblogged, or retweeted. Be careful to make sure that you keep your picture relevant to the topic at hand, as you can quickly cross the line into clickbait if the photo promises something unrelated to the piece of content it leads to. 

If you can present your content in ways that resonate with your audience, you can expect to see a major uptick in shares across the board on your platform of choice. By staying in tune with the expectations and tastes of your core audience, then you have succeeded in bridging the gap between you and potential new audiences. 

Kevin Charbonneau