Dos and Don’t for Social Media Marketing

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Every company has a social media account these days. Whether it be an Instagram, Twitter,

Facebook, odds are even your local laundromat has one of the three. While the process of

creating a social media page is as easy as typing some words and hitting submit, the process of

taking full advantage of social media is much more involved. With constantly shifting systems

and features being thrown into the mix of each different platform, the proper technique for

marketing through social media can be very easily lost in translation. In order to find the right

harmony with your marketing, here are some dos and don’ts for approaching social media.

DO: Make Engagement a Priority

This might seem obvious to some, but there are plenty of companies that try to remain aloof

with their social media presence. Simply posting content and leaving the discussion to the

followers is an approach taken by those who feel a more hands-off approach is best. In today’s

landscape, engagement with your audience is a must if one wants to increase their brand’s

visibility. When you put the “social” in social media, it has been proven to not only strengthen the

relationship with your existing audience but increase your overall reach through the platform’s


DON’T: Use Hashtags Carelessly

Hashtags are a beautiful thing. They help casual users find the content they care about, and

they help marketers connect with potential new customers. It seems like a no-brainer to take

advantage of this tool as much as you can. Before you load up your posts with as many popular

tags as you can fit, take a step back. Not only does using too many hashtags make your post

unsightly and potentially turn off your audience, but it can also hurt your brand image in the long

run if you aren’t specific enough with your tags. Depending on your post, there should only be

about five or ten relevant hashtags used to promote your content. The more refined you make

your intended message, the better understanding you make with those who actually connect

with your message.

DO: Plan Your Posts Around Your Audience

No matter how much work goes into the content you plan to post, the reality is that the bulk of

your lifetime traffic will be within the first hour of posting. Nailing the perfect timing for your

content is key to maximizing and growing your brand online. Get an idea of when your audience

is the most active in the day. Once you know when the optimal posting time is, get into a

consistent posting schedule during that hour of the day. Consistency with your content will build

a rapport with your audience, and the effectiveness of your posts will see greater heights as a


DON’T: Automate Your Content

Many people see the words “always be posting” when they plan out their social media and

assume that much of the process can be put on the back burner. Using programs to schedule

your content can be a useful tool for any budding business, but this comes with it a rather

slippery slope. One of the easiest trappings of social media is the overabundance on stale

content. People are perceptive about what kind of content they are shown, and they usually

respond much more to genuine content rather than redundant retreading of the same ideas.

Social Media is by no means a solved science. What works one moment may lose its

effectiveness as time goes on. While it may seem like an uphill battle to stay on top of it, by

staying true to the brand you build, audiences can see and appreciate the consistent image you

strive to promote every day.